Monday, June 8, 2020

Creating "Inclusive" Online Learning Experience

Looking For Volunteers 

As we are working and learning remotely in these pandemic days, we participate in more online meetings, training, webinars, or discussions. Especially in online training, many live online training courses are not able to create an inclusive learning environment for culturally diverse participants.

I am super excited to work on a Ph.D. research project in increasing the effectiveness and inclusivity of online learning using facial recognition technology. The aim of this research is to analyze both learners’ direct feedback and facial expressions analysis during the training to identify factors creating an "inclusive" online learning experience.

For the empirical analysis, we invite volunteers from all regions (North America, Latin America, Europe, Africa, Asia Pacific), age (20+) and gender groups to participate in a 30 min. free online training on "The Impact of Technology on Emotional Intelligence" and provide feedback through an online questionnaire. 

If you are willing to participate in the research, please leave a comment here or reach out to me ( 

Many thanks for your contribution!!


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