Thursday, December 5, 2013

Which language is the most difficult?

After 3-4 weeks learning experience in Danish language at a local course in Copenhagen, I decided to search on most difficult languages in the world. Because I was thinking Danish language definitely should be within top 3 because of tough pronunciation ! Here is the list of top 10 hardest languages to learn which is released by the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization in 2013.

No surprise, Chinese is chosen as the most difficult language.

1-Chinese… Spoken by over 1 billion people
2- Greek… Spoken mainly across Greece and Cyprus
3- Arabic… Spoken across the Middle East, North Africa, and the Horn of Africa
4- Icelandic… Very complicated grammar
5- Japanese… The written code is different than the spoken code
6- Finnish… Very complicated grammar
7- German … Largest number of native speakers in EU
8- Norwegian … Most Norwegians speak their own dialects
9- Danish… Spoken by 6 million people
10- French… Official language for 29 countries

But if you are interested in learning Chinese, I would recommend you to watch this TED video by ShaoLan, she brings a “Chineseasy” concept to show that you can learn Chinese in an easy way. It is very interesting and encouraging.

Enjoy !

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